Clover v2.5k r5093 支持macOS Mojave 10.14的四叶草Clover

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一下没注意,Clover 更新到了2.5k的版本,这次大版本更新还是挺大的,最重要的是驱动目录发生了变化,所有驱动程序都更改到EFI/CLOVER/drivers/的子目录下(BIOS, UEFI, off),这应该是从r4986的版本开始做出的更改,如果你使用了黑苹果乐园制作的黑苹果macOS Mojave 10.14.6的安装镜像,那就需要注意目录的变化了。

Clover v2.5k r5093 支持macOS Mojave 10.14的四叶草Clover
所属分类:四叶草 适用平台:Windows+Mac+UEFI 软件版本:v2.5k r5093 最后更新:2019年10月06日


一下没注意,Clover 更新到了2.5k的版本,这次大版本更新还是挺大的,最重要的是驱动目录发生了变化,所有驱动程序都更改到EFI/CLOVER/drivers/的子目录下(BIOS, UEFI, off),这应该是从r4986的版本开始做出的更改,如果你使用了黑苹果乐园制作的黑苹果macOS Mojave 10.14.6的安装镜像,那就需要注意目录的变化了。

Clover Bootloader是支持macOS Mojave 10.14的四叶草Clover ,编译了PKG安装包文件请在macOS上双打开安装,CloverCD文件夹是启动引导的EFI启动文件,需要放到你的ESP分区,这个适合需要自己选配的童鞋,还有个CloverIOS文件,适合Windows添加引导用,根据自己的情况选择使用吧。




本片文章会持续更新Clover最新版本,直到下个macOS Mojave下个版本的更新,我本来想都发到一篇文章中,但是下载地址太多了,文章没法排版,所以另起一篇根据版本号来写吧。


  • - boot into 10.4 - 10.9 OSX, Windows EFI and Linux EFI
  • - EFI bootloader 提供 OS 运行 RuntimeServices (传统引导器无法提供)
  • - 默认 自动侦测大部份的硬件并设置所有属性
  • . 但是用户也可以在 config.plist 中修改
  • - 支持 启动磁盘 面板 设置其他 OS 重新开机
  • - 写入与 OS 相同的 UUID 到 config.plist 设置文件
  • - 修正 SMBIOS 至 standard 2.6 版本
  • - 修正 ACPI 至 standard 4.0 版本
  • . 支持从 开机分区 或 EFI文件夹 加载 DSDT
  • - DSDT patching on the fly by fixes and by patterns
  • - 支持 睡眠/唤醒 修复 并 支持 PCIRootUID 设置
  • - 支持 ATI, NVidia 及 Intel 显卡启用功能,
  • . 并支持客制化参数设置
  • - 支持 USB 及 USB 3.0 的修复 (LegacyOff, Ownership, Builtin, clock-id)
  • - 支持 HDA 及 以太网卡 属性内建功能
  • - 支持 开启 CPU turbo 及 自动生成 P-State 及 C-State 的功能
  • - 支持 ACPI 表单加载 (SSDT-xx, APIC, BOOT, SLIC, SLIT, SRAT, UEFI...)
  • - extra kexts loading
  • - kernel and kext patching on the fly
  • - set NVRAM variables for different purpose
  • - 可按 F10 储存 图形用户界面 GUI 的截图,可设定默认开机区及客制化 GUI 图形
  • - 可按 F2 储存 OS 的纪录 boot.log 及 GUI 的纪录 preboot.log


Version 2019.08.21
  • [r5050] Installing in the ESP will be as before r5030 (no package failure if the ESP is not found)
  • [r5049] secure check for gradient present
  • [r5048] text formatting
  • [r5047] update chinese translation by Steve
  • [r5046] Fix for ticket 519 (find the ESP on a Fusion drive with APFS containers)
  • [r5045] exclude unused variable
  • [r5044] exclude automatic save patched MADT
  • [r5043] fixed permissions for espfinder
  • [r5042] Update Dutch translation by ricoc90
  • [r5041] take both uk and uk_UA
  • [r5040] Update Indonesian transslation by Badruzeus
Version 2019.08.10
  • [r5039] fix infinite loop
  • [r5038] update ukrainian localization
  • [r5037] fix PatchAPIC by Florin9doi
  • [r5036] update PlatformFeature
  • [r5035] add new 2019 mac models and update bios and efi version
  • [r5034] update french translation by polyzargone
  • [r5033] update bios and efi verison
  • [r5032] don't the installer log
  • [r5031] fixing typo in previous commit
  • [r5030] espfinder + html message at the end of the installation using the package. espfinder is beta and is only activated if /useespfinder is presente (sudo touch /useespfinder). Minor changes.
  • [r5029] corretions and update for the buildme script
  • [r5028] fix PatchAPIC by Florin9doi
  • [r5027] update portuguese by Artur_pt
  • [r5026] update language files again
  • [r5025] update english strings
  • [r5024] fix typo in 5020
  • [r5023] update indonesian by Badruzeus
  • [r5022] change default properties for nvidia
  • [r5021] fix typo in commit 5020
  • [r5020] add automatic test for connector-less GPU
  • [r5019] Test again the packageread-write permission with a reviewed java script function to by pass restrictions in 10.15+
  • [r5018] File System on Catalina removed. Users will be responsible to make the root filesystem read-write
  • [r5017] buildme, script to build Clover
  • [r5016] Update for Romanian translations by arsradu
  • [r5015] change outpups to outputs
  • [r5014] update chinese menu
  • [r5013] small corrections to de.po
  • [r5012] German po updated by Mork vom Ork
  • [r5011] added regex to match any version of clover in CloverUpdaterUtility
  • [r5010] update korean menu. fix memory leak in ApfsDriverLoader by mjg59, vit9696
  • [r5009] Update Dutch menu by ricoc90
  • [r5008] Update Indonesian translations by Badruzeus
  • [r5007] Update Italian menu
  • [r5006] more help lines
  • [r5005] Version 2.5k
  • [r5004] Add missing header files to inf files
  • [r5003] fix typo and update ko translations with removed fuzzy lines
  • [r5002] updated French translations by polyaregone, Romanian by arsradu
  • [r5001] Fixed German po file
  • [r5000] update German translations by Mork vom Ork
  • [r4999] update Italian translations
  • [r4998] Ignore drivers output folder
  • [r4997] po files updated
  • [r4996] fix signdness error, update korean
  • [r4995] update russian translation
  • [r4994] Workaround for read-only file system in 10.15+. Set theme in config in makeiso.
  • [r4993] avoid error C2036, info about SSDT ID
  • [r4992] avoid memory leaks
  • [r4991] use embedded theme in ISO
  • [r4990]fix makeiso by fusion71au
  • [r4989] update russian translation
  • [r4988] exclude redundant folders
  • [r4987] Browse Commits
    off drivers are now at users will in the package, without sub directories and duplicated drivers. Added some missing UEFI drivers for the iso image.
  • [r4986] All drivers are now in EFI/CLOVER/drivers with sub directories (BIOS, UEFI, off), makeiso updated.


Clover v2.5k r5093
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